Expert Witnesses

The Attention and Expertise You Deserve

I work with a network of attorneys who specialize in specific areas of law where expertise is required, such as in cases involving asbestos, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. I also ensure that you receive the best legal services possible by referring you to other attorneys in areas such as family law or workers compensation when necessary.

My experience and background in medical - legal issues allow me to understand many complex issues that are simply overlooked by other attorneys, such as the medical proof likely required in assessing damages for your injury, and connecting the damages to the injury. You and your loved ones can be confident that I have the commitment and real world experience necessary to bring you a just award or settlement.

Using the Best Resources to Ensure the Best Results

Once I have established liability for injuries that you sustained as a result of another party's negligence, I often have to call on the services of expert witnesses to prove the nature and extent of your injuries, along with resulting damages. Causation of the damages is often a big concern. To ensure that you receive all damages for past, present, and future wage loss and future medical expenses, I rely on a vast network of expert witnesses qualified to offer testimony on multiple aspects of proving liability or damages. This network includes:

  • Vocational rehabilitation experts
  • Life care planners
  • Forensic economists
  • Physicians
  • Engineers
  • Accident reconstruction experts
  • Pathologists
  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • Neurologists
  • Psychometric
  • Psycho-educational

"My first lawyer dropped my case because the investigating police officer lost the name of the witness. The insurance company denied my claim! Mr. Bibb posted a sign on La Costa Blvd asking for the witness to contact me. Sure enough, the witness was a commuter…"

- Anonymous

"Mr. Bibb retained a metallurgical engineer to prove why the steel snapped. By preserving the fracture surface of the metal with an acrylic spray within two weeks, the expert was able to prove faulty heat treatment and plating as the cause of the metal failure and the loss of my right eye. This guy is a pro."

- Anonymous

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