William C Bibb

Public Service is in My Blood

I come from a long line of public servants and was raised to feel a sense of responsibility for my community. My mother was a Registered Nurse, and worked in a crisis unit for elderly adults. Interestingly, she also earned a PhD in American literature from Columbia University, and taught as a professor for years. My father graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, and was board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. My brother is board-certified in Emergency Room medicine, my sister and sister-in-law are both dentists, and my paternal grandfather and uncle were both judges. Two of my own sons are Emergency Medical Technicians and their mother is a board-certified Family Physician. Gabriele, my girlfriend of 15 years, specializes in Healthcare Law and Medical Malpractice. My family tree blooms with practicing attorneys and physicians.

Growing up in Reno, Nevada, I had the privilege of accompanying my father on his rounds and house calls as the primary physician for our entire community. Not only did he tend to a variety of injuries and illnesses, but he even treated large animals for his neighbors. My experiences with my father and his medical practice helped to shape me into the attorney and advocate that I am today. Helping people is a family tradition.

Doing Things Right is the Only Way I Know

While my unique childhood and upbringing helped to instill me with an appreciation for medicine and public service, my early professional experiences as an investigator for several major personal injury practices helped chart the course of my career and law practice.

Interviewing the witnesses to serious accident incidents, photographing accident sites, and collecting valuable evidence for personal injury cases taught me a great deal about the importance of quality research and investigation when it comes to any personal injury or medical malpractice case. Cases can be won or lost in the details, and it is the responsibility of your lawyer as your legal representative and advocate to cover every base. That duty includes the preservation of critical evidence and the perpetuation of witness testimony.

It is for that reason that I utilize every resource available to me as an attorney, including vast experience. Personally conducting accident investigations, providing you access to specialized medical testing, and relying on a top-notch network of expert witnesses are just some of the ways that I help my clients achieve the compensation they deserve. The value of experience cannot be underestimated in my type of law practice.

Your Family is My Family

I was privileged to work with my father as a consultant after he retired and I established a law practice of my own. As a medical consultant for the Law Offices of William C. Bibb, my father provided me with valuable insight into the complexities of medicine, as well as how medicine and law are interconnected.

Today, I approach each case with an open mind and a profound respect for my clients. I understand how painful and scary it can be to navigate the legal system, especially when you are dealing with serious illness and/or injuries. My primary role as your legal advocate is promoting your health and well-being by helping to establish your financial security – sometimes money damages for the diagnosis and treatment you require for your injuries; other times, retraining and further education to help you remain in the workforce. A loved one's loss may deprive a family of wage earnings. Money can never bring that person back, but it can help.